Monday, 5 May 2014

What happened to Modi wave in share market:

The impact of Modi wave was quite manifest in the share market for some time and it appeared on the surface that necessary plus trend may continue with a considerable amount of stability but it was not so. It can’t be said that the trend was reversed but certainly it started dwindling at certain stage. Share market is after all not subordinated by a particular factor at a time and it has its own way of behaving. Currently it moves on the fancies the traders have in relation to election prospects fluctuating its trend with the guess work on who becomes the next Prime Minister of India or which political party is able to secure a major most status in power sharing after the elections are over. Narendra Modi is the one who appears to be the strongest contender for the top post but the very graph on that count wavers at times between plus and minus. With this trend continuing, the safest course for the traders and investors is not to go for heavy buying of shares with the hope that it would fetch them multiple returns after the elections are over, they should rather dispose off the stocks they are keeping with them currently with an attempt to manoeuvre better profits based on current rates and wait for post election scenario for further investments.

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