Sunday, 11 May 2014

Share market–most suspenseful days ahead:

Stock market in India is on its peak with a record high both in Nifty and Sensex. In a way it is a saturation, say experts. Fluctuations with rise and fall are characteristically an inbuilt feature of share market and for that reason when there is a rise after rise with hardly any fall it creates a great anxiety with bumper suspense in the minds of the traders and that is the situation obtaining currently. It is all an impact of Narendra Modi’s prospects to lead the next government of India as its Prime Minister as is till now an unshaken faith of the share market as a whole. All this, if studied in the context of BJP not forming the government at their own with Modi as the Prime Minister, leads to an apprehension that this would be a catastrophic disaster to the whole of the current scenario with a tremendous jolt to whatever stands as a great plus factor in the market as on date most likely to be followed by a severe setback with hardly recoverable a reversal. This is in fact the time when investors have to exercise their utmost constraint in their trading refraining from ventures most risky and uncertain.
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