Saturday, 31 May 2014

Dream wheels on the road:

As a miracle of Google’s master mind products, an awefully miniatured car is likely to be on roads within a short time. The work on the project is almost complete with final testings going on. This is not enough to call this car just as an automatic one as this shall be of the type where there is no need of any driver. Sans any driver this shall also be a car with no steering, no break and no accelerator, instead the car will have only an on and off switch to start the journey and stop wherever the owner so wants. Two seater, this miracle car is prescribed a 40 km an hour speed to start with limiting it to a barest minimum from security point of view. The prototype is likely to assume a full fledged functional shape with its availability on roads shortly to begin with in certain selected countries. A dream coming true like this is an amazement with thrills for every one. Thanks to Google.

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