Monday, 2 June 2014

Modi, thy name is revolution:

Modi, thy name is revolution, thy name is development. You are a great boon incarnate for the country. A great star on the firmament of Indian politics, you are the one who should have been there on the national scene at least a decade back. Unlimited timings of work with no weekly offs for your ministerial team and other functional agencies in the harness to ensure quick delivery of goods is an initiative healthy enough to leave a message for the people of the country that they are to be fully cared and looked after in the matters of their welfare and security. Planning rocket trains besides bullet trains to connect bigger centres of the country with one another is some thing that never struck the mind of your predecessors as they never took it as their direct concern like you are doing. They remained highly self centred hardly looking beyond their nose with people’s interest in mind. You have hoisted the flag of an all round development for the country as a whole without even an iota of discrimination or prejudice visible any where. Your indefatigable efforts aimed at building up the nation throwing a challenge to many of the countries globally are capable enough to create an unprecedented record in political history of India. The people of the country in turn are supposed to feel concerned with the security and health of yours and also your team. As an humble submission through this blog, let us earnestly suggest at least some break between different work schedules as against your pursuit for 24 hours work a day as some relaxation too is the part of work only because it is a factor that in fact boosts up the working efficiency further. Let us wish you to acquire laurels after laurels as from the people of India for the mission of service to the nation so undertaken by you.

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