Sunday, 8 June 2014

Erratic forecast on weather:

Weather specialists feel they are duty bound to come out with their predictions on weather irrespective of the concern whether they are really accurate or theirs is just a cursory guess like a villager in the rural areas does. Last month theirs was a prediction that monsoon would enter North India by 4th June, it didn’t happen. They are now coming out with two conflicting forecasts –monsoon has registered its entry in Kerala and is likely to reach northern belt of the country by the last week of the current month simultaneously maintaining that the rainfall in the region may occur within next few days from now. These are the forecasts by the experts in Chandra Shekhar Azad Agricultural University, Kanpur (India), who virtually continue showering their predictions duty bound with short gaps in between but, as I am watching for the last one decade, it is hardly ever that theirs proves to be the correct version. May be the scenario like this doesn’t operate in other parts of the world. The whole country is reeling under the most scorchingly hot conditions and people wait for necessary predictions with impatience every minute where each announcement matters much. Possibly the guess on weather conditions by the farmers in rural areas is more accurate than what the experts with high academic background do.

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