Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Shame on you Mr. Chief Minister, U.P.

Forgive me for my harsh language, Mr. Akhilesh Yadava, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh (India), but the situation as it emanates from facts provides me no scope to be a softy unless I am the one to just flatter you for nothing. I wish your performance was worth an appreciation compelling me for this as one of the citizens of the State along with thousands of the other people but there was nothing like this, instead this was an all out anarchy and  mismanagement forcing the people to lead most miserable a life. Of the hundreds of the issues, the problem relating to supply of electricity is a glaring area which has hit the consumers most paralysing their day today activities. Circumstances responsible for this are no secret as you yourself and also your spokesmen have been harping on your grievance that people didn’t support you and your party in the recent elections with the result that your party had to bite the dust. Isn’t it that this is what you exactly deserved in all fairness. This problem is actually more a created one than what it could actually be deliberately targeting the voters. If there is still a better sense that prevails on you, this is high time for you to draw some inspiration from the new Prime Minister who has virtually played magic taking radical steps at the national level to foster the interest of the people of the country just within a few days of himself taking over the reins. If you have  some guts to rise a little above politics opting to see a little beyond your nose and keep the interest of the public in general in mind, what is warranted for you is to draw necessary initiatives as from your Prime Minister serving the people the way he is doing. Why not compel the people to respect you by your hard work with honest intentions?
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