Sunday, 22 June 2014

On Pages:

Pages on a blog are much different compared to blog posts –they are more of a consolidated expression quite independent of the post(s) on a blog. Normally ignored by the readers as some trivial scribbling on the top of each post they are hardly paid any attention and there lies the plight of the author. My Pages on this blog contain varied expressions on different topics inclusive of my poems both in English and Hindi/Urdu. Overall they do have better response as from the readers as per the relative statistics of the blog, they in fact warrant more of an attention and that is possible only when my valued readers don’t ignore them as something just extraneous on the top of a post. May be my poems in a language other than English don’t interest the readers beyond India but for that purpose they can better use the translation facility readily available on any computer and they can make use of it. Their reaction after all is of utmost importance to me.

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