Thursday, 26 June 2014

Hike in rail fare:

There are country wide protests against proposed increase in passenger fare by the Indian Railways. Some relaxation granted, though quite meagre, by the authorities failed to satisfy the protesters. Soaring prices which the government is unable to control are already a great menace to the economy and obviously the increase in railway fare is a major factor to contribute to it adversely in a gigantic order. Possibly the present government is as helpless on this front as their predecessor, the UPA. True, no developing economy can afford a check on soaring prices or  cease enhancing railway fare but why the hell those running the government now were boasting so much on a drum beat before elections to control them. People of the country can well be supposed to bear an additional burden taxing their means of income for the sake of developmental programmes but such a capacity of theirs has a limit beyond which they can’t afford to go. In the circumstances the current incumbency in the government led by BJP may essentially have to think twice before embarking on imposing one tax after the other falling heavy on the means of the common people of the country.

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