Saturday, 14 June 2014

Share market–blowing hot and cold:

Most usual a characteristic of share market as it is it is moving hot and cold with spurs of volatility in between followed and preceded by extremes. Yesterday the market closed at 348.04 Sensex and 107.80 Nifty. Going by what the experts are opining, the market is likely to perform on a positive note on Monday the 16th June. Scarce monsoon as predicted by weather specialists this year is supposed to act as a deterrent but keeping in view the overall performance of agriculture sector they are still optimistic about irrigation oriented shares and are recommending buying shares like JISLJALEQS for a better yield. The serious note exhibited by the Government of India on inadequate rains is a great source of optimism for the investors. Every thing, however, in the context of the stock market is to be viewed on a minute to minute basis in conjunction with the factor that fluctuations at no stage can be ruled out.

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