Thursday, 12 June 2014

Removing poverty is fine lest it acts as an incentive:

Poverty is a curse and it has to be removed at all cost, poverty is an evil and no society is worth its existence if it allows such an evil  to perpetuate. Thanks to India’s new Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is all out in taking cudgels against poverty with a resolve to eradicate it giving the issue a top priority in his agenda. But the problem hardly calls for an innocent handling as there is no dearth of toughies grabbing the relief in the garb of poor ones which all of them are not. One scheme for unemployed poor labour operating mainly in rural areas in the country called MGNREGA (MNREGA) is a sheer abuse and hardly any body works. Every thing from beginning till end is fictitious and there are middlemen involved in the chain at every level. The amount paid for the purpose never reaches the payees in full as it is shared with middlemen. The labourers in turn do not work at all, they mark their attendance and disappear with whatever amount is paid to them. If there is no work what is there of national interest in the scheme and the entire amount can rather be distributed among the poor as a charity. Only poor and not the hypocrites deserve any payment as a measure of some relief work. Why reward toughies for no work? Those who can work must work; those who are genuinely handicapped and are incapable of doing any work can better be paid an ex-gratia but in no case there should be perpetration of a loot on public exchequer allowed in the garb of a fake identity.

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