Monday, 30 June 2014

Highly explosive is the population bomb:

Of all the threats India has internally and externally what forms a great menace to the country is its population growing at an alarming pace. All endeavours made on the front of economy, development and general growth get diluted in the fast flowing stream of population. Those in mid thirties of the last century talk that population of India during their time was 35 crores as against where it stands now at 125 crores, nearly four times more in about 8 decades. Availability of essential commodities have a direct relation with soaring prices and any imbalance on that count results into an economic disorder. Such commodities being more in demand with every growth in population coupled with a condition that supply is not adequate enough to meet the needs of the abnormally increased population. Next to China India is the most populous country of the world and globally it is the largest democracy with this much of population. Essentially, the need for India is to lay more emphasis with a concerted approach in devising the means to curb the population growth than other economy based developmental plans. This is much more in the interest of the country to attach a topmost priority to the population menace.

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