Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Mujhe lechalo jee (take me too along):

There was a nautanki show with the name mujhe lechalo jee (take me too along with you) where the actors portrayed the role of evil spirits and how they haunted the men and women in the locality. Haunted by an evil spirit a man named Billu suddenly disappeared from the village. Village Panchayat deputed another man called Jhillu to find out what went wrong with Billu. Deep into a forest he found that there was a crowd of people all haunted by evil spirits crying in a chorus ‘mujhe lechalo jee’ and to his surprise Billu was one of them. On reaching the spot he too had the spell of the evil spirit and before he could ask any thing to Billu he himself started repeating ‘mujhe lechalo ji’. Village Panchayat continued sending men to the forest one after the other but all had the same fate. Lastly the Panchayat Chief himself ventured to go and find out what was the mystery but as soon as he reached the spot he himself started repeating the utterance mujhe lechalo jee. Finally what happened was that all who were  condemning the evil spirits were themselves in their dragnet.

Our country is like that. Leaders from outside the government join full throated slogans condemning it right and left but when they themselves have the chance to rule the country they go worse. This is what is exactly manifest on the surface after the new government has taken over. Soaring prices including latest rise in cost of petrol, diesel and rail fare, security, economy and law and order are all in a terribly bad shape. All Billus and Jhillus occupying their coveted positions in the new government look only hypnotised by the power to rule they have now and the common man is as helpless as he used to be during the earlier government then in the saddle.

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