Sunday, 6 July 2014

Don’t they deserve a thick thrashing like this?

This is a local news from Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh, India). Kanpur Electricity Supply Administration (KESA) where nothing moves unless you grease their palms sumptuously even for your most rightful routine consumer needs in relation to supply of electricity. Certain engineers and other junior staff from KESA were mercilessly beaten black and blue in two different localities of Kanpur the other day for the reason, as the people say, that they wanted to get obliged with illegal gratifications for attending to the jobs they were otherwise required to do free of any charge. Such incidents are more or less a routine as they occur with quick frequency. More surprising a feature is that despite such a thrashing they get every now and then as from the public they are virtually refusing to refrain themselves from resorting to such an evil practice as if they find it worth in view of the hefty sum of money they earn as bribe. Theirs is an organised gang where even an ordinary line man is able to fetch bribe money in thousands of rupees in a day and in fact it is such an undue earning that contributes miserably to the soaring prices in the local market. Normally the crude thrashing they get off and on from public is something to be discouraged by the people in a civilised society but the common men are left with no option as consumers but to go for it in the absence of any other relief available to them as from the governmental administration. If common  man’s plight is any consideration one feels inclined to endorse the treatment they are giving to the hefty money makers by illegitimate means with thrashing and more thrashing.

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