Friday, 4 July 2014

Share market–false predictions:

There were some eye brows raised as from some of the readers when I pointed out certain salient features in relation to investment timings in my earlier post as per the link given below:
What I pointed out was in the context of experts advice to refrain from investing in shares at least till such time the proposed Union Budget was over. What could be visible even from a layman’s angle of approach is that with hard financial decisions as indicated from the governmental quarters from time to time there was every likelihood for the stock market to undergo an adverse impact of it but the experts in the field were supposed to read writing on the walls more dexterously. Both on last Tuesday and Wednesday the share market did well. Even on Thursday it did moderately well during the day before it slipped to minus zone at the end of the session with Nifty and Sensex closing at -10.35 and -17.46 respectively. Average performance for the day can’t be branded as negative if viewed in composite order. Budget session of the Parliament is just near and apparently there is no reason for the traders to feel panicky on that count. Whatever is to happen can be seen in tangible terms to determine the mode and terms of investment after budget proposals are placed on the floor of Parliament and till then traders and investors need not suffer from apprehensions spelt out on false predictions of course with usual precautions apart.
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