Saturday, 26 July 2014

There lie the roots of soaring prices:

There are many a high earning islanders who flourish on black money or the money earned through corrupt practices even at the level of so called low status wage earners. If one goes by the press news, a peon belonging to KDA (Kanpur Development Authority) owns assets to the tune of 100 crores of rupees. Wherefrom he earned this much of property including cash? Obviously through nefarious means. There could be thousands of such people in the city and adjoining areas. If this man is proceeded against with some drastic punishments, chances of which are only remote in the system that obtains on date, he will use money to win the favour of the authorities that be as a bribe to get out of the trouble. Obviously the huge amount of money will change hands and ultimately it goes in the market where it forms a circle with bad money. Such deals taken in totality become the root cause of undue money responsible for soaring prices and they are of the type which don’t fall in the category of the checks the government plans as a curb on every day growing prices. In fact what may serve the needed purpose doesn’t lie merely in imposing curbs on the traditionally identified areas and what may elicit the desired results is to unearth the deals at much lower a level also like that of a petty peon making money to the tune of more than 100 crores. The case under reference is not a solitary instance as there could be an innumerable lot of them.

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