Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Relevance of Rajbhavans in India:

When British ruled India they had secured best of luxury for themselves throughout the country and in league with that largest possible bungalows (Rajbhavans) sprang up in every state of India providing residential accommodation to the then Governors now known as Rajyapals and the one at Kolkata initially used to be the residence of Governor General (Viceroy) of India till such time the capital of the country was shifted to Delhi in 1912. The next bungalow built for Governor of Bombay (Mumbai) was more or less equally big and continues as such as on date followed by the ones in other state capitals. The grandeur of size and design in respect of the  residences constructed for Governors in newly formed states too in the country after independence are provided the same luxury as the older ones during British time. Rajbhavan of Mumbai was more in a lime light after there was a news published that it saved 1.35 lakh units of power compared to last year by using energy friendly devices and solar energy panels. Such a saving amply gives an estimate as to what could have been the total consumption of the power in the Rajbhavan premises. Isn’t it a wastage in a country like India where economic crisis continues perpetuating? True, heads of states need a symbolic status but there appears to be no relevance to go much beyond proportions on this count. It’s a case of slashing down the amount of luxury in a country like India extending the benefit so accrued to the other  sections of the society in the country who are badly hankering for some frugalest possible a spot called a house.

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