Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Satans on a spree targeting businessmen:

The satans, the devils, are on a spree in town targeting businessmen. A married woman Jyoti Deshani aged 27 years was brutally abducted and murdered when she was accompanying her husband Piyush, a business magnate of Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh,India) after dinner in a status hotel. The young woman had 14 major injuries on her body indicating that she had struggled hard for life fighting the attackers who were 6 in number on 3 motor bikes intercepting the couple in the midway on the Mall Road (Mahatma Gandhi Marg) around midnight the other day. Local police, as usual, is unable to trace the criminals nor they are even able to trace any clue behind the ghastly crime and the whole incident is a suspense and mystery. Be it for business consideration, property dispute, rivalry, or rape, the incident of this nature are repetitively rampant every where in the State of Uttar Pradesh (India) and the role of the police in almost all the cases hardly exceeds beyond trivial interrogations as an eye wash. Howsoever heinous and ghastly a crime that is perpetrated is, police always remains in slumber and it hardly ever turns up to the rescue of the victims. The whole scenario is ugly, horrifying and that of an utter chagrin.

As investigation reveals, the suspicion revolves around Jyoti's husband Piyush himself and his accomplices  in killing her with his affairs with another woman in the background.
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