Friday, 1 August 2014

Even waters of seven oceans can’t erase it:

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What finally has emerged is the otherwise unbelievable fact that the key man most instrumental in killing innocent Jyoti was none else but only her husband Piyush who hired killers for her against an amount of rupees 50,000/ to get rid of her facilitating the love affair he had with another woman who has since been taken into custody by the police along with her paramour. Macbeth kills king Duncan as referred to by William Shakespeare in his historical one act play by the same name ‘Macbeth’ and when he goes back home after committing the heinous crime his wife Lady Macbeth comes across distinct blood stains on his apparel and she cries aghast “…the waters of seven oceans can’t wash it”. Yes, the crime Macbeth had committed was heinous and horrible beyond normal imagination but crime of the nature like this was not the last one and it hovers around humanity equally on date and may continue for ever. What happened to Jyoti was something in sequence and series for all time to come as there lies the inbuilt propensity of humans. One only shudders on the mode of horrible cruelty and callousness on the revelation that Jyoti’s husband Piyush had managed to hear the cries and groans of his wife over mobile phone while she was being killed. No kind of punishments available in Law as on date even if they all are applied together for Jyoti’s husband Piyush are enough to do justice to her unless he be half buried on a public place with dog squads biting and snatching his flesh bit by bit like it happened in the olden days.

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