Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Squeezing the patience of customers:

It’s a broad day loot rampant all around these days with the competition amongst the looters as to who can squeeze a customer the most in the matter of charges. The scenario is worst in the case of medical practitioners irrespective of the discipline which they belong to –allopathy, ayurvedic, homoeopathy or even unani. The great thing is that all of them are getting a sumptuous number of customer patients which amply shows that there is no dearth of money at all at their level. Dental surgeons have a typical way of charging their fee. For treatment of a solitary tooth they charge for three on the logic that the adjoining teeth too form the requisite base. How funny? Requisite base is entirely a secondary basis impliedly linked with any tooth otherwise and there can be no logic in charging for it. If one tooth is damaged and requires to be treated or removed why the hell the adjoining tooth be charged for nothing. The most unreasonable side of it is that if the charges for treating one tooth is say Res.3,000/ the amount charged is 9,000/ (1 tooth+2 adjoining teeth by its right and left side). This is a sheer loot and a heinous practice like this on the part of the dentist doctor requires to be arrested peremptorily in the interest of the patients.

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