Thursday, 21 August 2014

What is there in designing a blog?

A relation of mine and a vociferous reader of my blogs asked me as to how I make changes in the look of my blog posts and why so frequently. In fact every blog post has its own personality and the very get up of it speaks volumes for itself. I have been changing the look of my blogs off and on with a view to keep it not only feasibly legible but also from the view point of its impact on the readers who normally prefer a well knit display of the contents. Some of the people might take it as an exercise of a cynic but there are many who never relish a stagnant sort of a style with a fixed getup. This too is a reason for me to keep changing the very look of a post from time to time to match the taste and inclination of the readers. While going through the posts of my followers I very often observe that some of them are so clumsy to the point of a boredom that the readers do the surfing merely as a ritual sans much of an interest. A well drafted writeup wearing a look of neatness is what interests a reader and this feature always warrants to be adhered to, more so when the blog is soothingly well designed, hence this awesome exercise. Hopefully this matches the taste of my valued readers.

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