Saturday, 23 August 2014

Soaring prices–business hawks are on a loot:

More than a month back a news was published in this very blog as per the relative link …. highlighting certain relaxations announced by the government in relation to certain specified drugs mainly including those relating to diabetes, blood pressure and heart ailment. It was more than a month back but the business tycoons dealing in drugs continue to act as a major hurdle even as on date. They are still charging the higher rates applicable earlier on the pretext that they have not yet received any official instruction for the purpose. They are telling a lie as they are the same persons who implemented increased rates immediately they were announced by some quarter or the other in the past including the quarters not at all recognised in the context. In fact it is these hawks in the business who are responsible for soaring prices who just bother three hoots even if there are necessary directions as from the government. The need for the government is to first fix the high handedness on the part of the drug mafias and the tycoons dealing in other commodities before issuing directives aimed at reducing the prices to bring the market to a normal, or at least near normal, level with the element of compatibility with consumers.
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