Friday, 29 August 2014

Saif Ali Khan on girlfriends:

People are free to form their views and so is Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan to express himself on a topic like relations with girl friends in general or on a particular case. He was candid enough with a particular reference in his mind while expressing like this:
  • “Let us say like, virat Kohli, if his girl friend is with him, I don’t know –I would like to think it’s not a distraction. A person involved with someone is going to think about them anyway”
There is in fact no point in taking exception of girl friend(s) along which has become most common a factor particularly with reference to Cricket these days when even cheer girls are free to storm from pavilion to the play ground like honey bees. Indian culture has a past when activities like this were never thought of but the time wave has changed its direction tremendously  adopting a neo culture that permits every damn thing on earth. No exceptions need be taken of the affairs like this and the people should better reconcile to the social changes which are taking place in a bumper measure –be it a matter of girl friends or cheer girls or even things beyond all that.
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