Sunday, 3 August 2014

Ever hungry M.Ps. want higher limits for poll expenses:

Call it hunger or lust, the Members of Parliament, at least majority of them if not all, all along have an unquenchable thirst for money in some name or the other as if hyper jump in their salary and allowances last time with basic pay alone fixed at one lakh per month was not enough. They are practically on a loot of public exchequer for their own comforts and luxuries. Now many of them are clamouring for an enhancement in their poll expenses limit. There are many contestants who already spent in their last elections much beyond the limit prescribed by the Election Commission which is an offence but nothing sort of any penalty or punishment happened to them. Their allowances other than salary are innumerable. They are the ones who raise hue and cry every time there are demands raised for improvement in monthly emoluments for the employees of public sector undertakings including banks who toil hard with their sweat and blood in the interest of the people of the country. Employees are forbidden by their service rules to opt for any side job or business as against the M.Ps. who have a multiple tier of businesses to earn a hefty income besides their own salary and allowances. It is a sheer corruption in a way and time has come for the concerned authorities that be in the matter to cry a robust halt to their ill manoeuvred designs to grab public money some way or the other.

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