Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Scandalising non performing assets:

The very term NPA (Non Performing Assets) quite often heard mainly with reference to different banks, both in public sector and private sector, looks just so plain on the face of it but factually it borders serious scandals financially and there are many a bankers who have used it as a tool for an organised corruption. CEOs of various banks have been too liberal with the borrowers in the matter of recovery of loans so granted to them which gesture is much beyond the normal professional requirements, they were in fact more obliged than accommodated need based in terms of the routine banking norms and the relevant guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India. What could be the reason behind these executives being so over liberal? Obviously their bonafides  are not above board. One Chairman of State Bank of India, the very predecessor to the present incumbent incharge, was smart enough to divert major chunk of NPAs to bad debts with the result that it showed an unprecedented loss to the Bank. Several other CEOs in number of other banks including Syndicate Bank did the same thing. Fishy deals like this are not the ones to be just taken lightly, they in fact warrant a large scale probe in the matter awarding necessary punishments to those found guilty.

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