Thursday, 24 July 2014

Identifying the poor:

One owes every sympathy to the poor not just as a ritual but in tangible terms as they are supposed to be a lot deserving help from those who can afford it but isn’t it a difficult job to identify them in the crowd of those who are no more really as such?. A mason who used to be in tatters earlier being paid a petty sum for his work joins his job now well dressed with a wrist watch on his hand and a mobile phone in his pocket and so does a rickshaw puller, and even a vegetable vendor. Thhelawalahs in the streets are the same thing. No more low paid they are earning enough now as against their earlier status of being treated as much poor a category in the society. Even a beggar thumps at your door with a heavy knock as if the alms are his claim now and no more a charity. If the beggar happens to be a woman she is more aggressive with an impression as if  she is chasing you like a hound not prepared to spare you unless you quite oblige her; if you don’t, she turns the one using abusive language against you. If you are an enthusiast on helping others on the pretext that they are the poor ones, you may have to go for a deep search to trace a real poor who is hungry and hankers for some food which task of identifying is awesomely onerous. Thanks to the change in social scenario.

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