Monday, 14 July 2014

Hyper increase in population of India:

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A few decades back I had been to a doctor, Dr. Manohar Singh, Head of the eye hospital at Bahraich (U.P.,India) as a student for an eye check up. It was in the after noon and I was the first patient to visit, no rush and no queue. The doctor, as if he was hankering for some patient to call on him, attended me with a fullest possible attention seeing to it that the first patient of his, and possibly the last for the day, has not to go back unattended. Compare the change in scenario on date any where in the country and you would come across a sky change where you may have to wait for your turn standing in the long queue for hours together, and may be you are given some other date for the purpose even if the doctor concerned is just an ordinary one. Doctors and hospitals have mushroomed in growth multiple times in the country compared to the past but there is hardly any scope for the patients to get a doctor who could spare necessary time to the patients to their satisfaction. Reason is obviously an abnormal growth in population. You go to a doctor, go for shopping, go for travelling and even entertainment areas like cinema or clubs, you may have to rub your shoulders to get your turn. Measures to control economy at the national level are just a flop sans result orientation as they fail to proportionately match the most explosive and alarming growth of population. In fact more than any other measures to suit the interest of economy factor what is peremptorily needed is to check and curb  every day growing population of the country assuming much graver proportions with each day that passes.

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