Monday, 28 July 2014

Not enough to award cash penalty:

Indian Railways Board has since taken a decision to slap a penalty of one lakh of rupees on their catering contractors if food provided to the passengers is of an inferior quality. Not enough as it may hardly serve any purpose for the reason that the contractors supplying food to the railway passengers earn a lot by providing an inferior food stuff and for them it rather works as an incentive to continue with their supply of bad meals. Money is no problem for them as they earn enough of it through nefarious means. They in fact are required to be criminally proceeded against awarding them harshest possible punishment capable of acting as a big deterrent besides permanently cancelling their licence of contract. Those who play with the life of the rail passengers by providing them mal stuff in no way deserve any sympathy. They only deserve a considerable jail term with no relaxation extending the same pattern of punishment to all others who indulge in providing poison in the name of food to the travellers.

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