Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Relief on drug prices–little but it matters:

Emerge as it did from Modi’s budget presented recently, there is some respite against soaring prices in relation to drugs and also certain food stuffs. The prices of drugs particularly those relating to diabetes and heart ailments including blood pressure are considerably reduced in the range of 35% which places the rates of the medicines back to what was in operation 29 months ago. If it takes a tangible shape this is sure to give substantial relief to a big chunk of patients of diabetes and heart ailment. Moreover, it is something that sets a pattern for days to come when such a relief is extended to various other categories in the medical area. Certain categories of food stuffs and eatables are already rendered cheaper which is much of a relief to common people. In an atmosphere where it had almost become unthinkable that there could be even a smallest possible relaxation in the matter of soaring prices, what is emerging by way of such a relief is not to be branded as the tip of the iceberg but a great pace setter in the direction of curbing the incessant price rise. Well begun is half done and the consumers by and large have a reason to feel convinced on a radical beginning with a positive note.

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