Sunday, 20 July 2014

Easy money or money earned nefariously:

Never easy it is to earn money. Even a beggar has to put in hard labour to earn whatever little he fetches. Islam prescribes that it is haram to earn any money without putting in necessary labour for it and so do the other religions too to forbid any mode of earning unless there are due efforts made for the purpose involving some amount of labour or the other. But human tendency all over the world is to follow only those portions of religious sermons that suit them and are compatible to their desires. What is followed in practice is securing easy money some way or the other not necessarily involving much of physical labour. Black money comprises of such earnings accumulated through corrupt practices. Even small traders resort to such a mode of earnings. The government of India recently announced about 35% of relaxations in number of medicines but you go to any medical store they are not prepared to reduce the prices on the pretext of no official information yet received by them. They are the same persons who forthwith implement such decisions the moment they are announced or published in the news papers without waiting for any official information if the prices are raised. Same thing is done by the dealers in petrol and diesel followed by traders in other house hold essentials including road side thhelawalas. Call it easy money but in actual terms it is black money remaining unaccounted for and majority of business people in India, big or small, flourish on it.

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