Thursday, 10 July 2014

Rail on a track:

Minister of Railways Sadananda Gowda has since come out with his budget proposals on railways. By and large the budget proposals are received well by the people of the country with the exception of the opposition parties who did twist it beyond proportions but they too had nothing specific to point out as a negative factor. This is surprising that the Indian share market which had a record score on trading a day before the budget was placed on the floor of the Parliament on high hopes pinned to budget proposals reversed its speed just in the negative order after it was declared. The relative link given below can be referred for the purpose:

True it is that the budget is not elaborately specific on its salient features so highlighted but the message is clear that it is a pro people railway budget with the projects which are of a greater interest to the passengers and what led the traders in the share market to feel panicky about it in later part of the day is not clear. Better it was for the Railway Minister to spell out the specifics more distinctly without which the proposals appear to be limping and not desirably self speaking. The very headlines, however, relating to bullet trains, high speed trains, increase in number of trains coupled with special railway police exclusively for lady passengers, online reservation of ordinary tickets including platform tickets and various traveller friendly amenities are enough to make the budget worth it.

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