Friday, 20 June 2014

Share market–clash between bulls and bears=volatility:

Volatility is always a worse type of drudgery in any share  market and is cumbersomely boring with distaste. Erupt as it does as a result of neck to neck fight between the bull and the bear it causes more of fatigue with stagnation to the traders coupled with bouts of pluses and minuses with quick but lasting intermissions to a point of an extreme drudgery. It hardly matters whether they fight face to face or back to back as result in both the positions is the same. Extremes in the share market need not be confused with volatility as they are just quite different –in fact extremes of pluses and minuses provide better scope of business to the traders and that stage is a hay hour for them to cash the gaps as against volatility that stagnates the transactions. This phenomenon was more visible in the market for the last few days with unpredictable fluctuations at a slow pace both upward and downward.*

*This write-up meets the queries on volatility raised by some of the readers.

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