Wednesday, 18 June 2014

What type of a molestation is this?

Just so peculiar, a boy friend for several years molesting his love as if he was doing something else all this time. Preity Zinta, a famous cine star from Bollywood has lodged an FIR with the local police at Mumbai that there was an attempt of molestation made against her by her ex boy friend and an industrialist Ness Wadia. A bid to molest the other side is normally a prologue to developing physical relations and in the instant case that stage was crossed long back between the two. May be the law doesn’t permit molestation as a sequal to forcible sex even in the case of divorcees but in the matters of love affairs the situation is to be read slightly in a different context of the mutual understanding the couple had continuously for several years where physical union was not at all taken as a forbidden fruit. Possibly the whole episode is the type of much ado about nothing.

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