Saturday, 28 June 2014

Share market–investing in uncertain times:

Indian share market closed at the end of its last week at Sensex 25,099.92 and Nifty 7,508.80 respectively registering plus factor at 0.15% and 0.21%, nothing like an encouraging performance. Overall the market ran on a drudgery note with element of volatility hovering all around and both bulls and bears looked to be in a posture of compromise. Market remained uncertain throughout the session. Experts opine that no investment is advisable in such a limping stage of the market, an advice not necessarily to be followed by the investors. In fact what is desirable is to go by the performance of the individual shares and not the market as a whole in its totality. Studying each share in its total depth with more emphasis on its performance in the past has to be the primary basis with the company’s balance sheet being treated as a primary factor without any chasing of the yellow scripts. Soaring prices aside, an investor has to keep an eye on developmental plans envisaged by the government with an amount of seriousness. These are some of the factors worth being adhered to by the investors; if yes, it is high time to go ahead with an investment to the extent one can afford.

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