Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Share market moving into negative territories:

Alarming it is but true that share market in the country is passing through a crisis –crisis of uncertainty. Fluctuations are never a new thing in the share market but the way they are occurring these days are quite negative in their signals. When Raghuram Rajan took over as a new Governor of Reserve Bank the business community pinned their hopes that the situation would go for the better. Initially it did and a considerable check was put on alarmingly rising dollar against rupee but it didn’t last long and lately it is observed that the trend of dollar rising higher against rupee is again continuing unabated. The inter currency level in several other countries also is having an adverse trend. Many a share market experts had predicted for today that the market would have a positive movement with minus factors aside; it did not happen and Sensex ended in minus figure at -23.94 with Nifty closing at -9.60. Many a shares have suffered a great setback. Chances are that the market may go further adverse in days to come unless some miracle takes place to set the adverse trend suitably arrested.

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