Saturday, 25 January 2014

Nano’s new version:

It was too slump a market in relation to auto vehicles during the last quarter of the last year 2013. Manufacturers are giving a neck to neck fight to their competitors in the market. Tough competition is always useful for improved products pouring in the market and there are several versions of new car models available to the customers mainly those who have a fancy for new products. Much talked about ‘Nano’ of Tata which was given a hyper publicity for being cheapest four wheeler in the world too has come out with a revised version. There is nothing like much of an improvement in the revised model except that it may have a power steering. It may cost 2 lakhs+ as against its current version (base model) which stands priced at 1.47 lakhs. Nano was given a grand welcome by the customers for the reason that it was publicised as the cheapest one which later did not prove to be a fact as cost was considerably enhanced after it was launched. Be it Tata or any other manufacturer, there is none to compromise their profit with the result that cost continues growing higher. The enthusiasts for a cheaply priced a car are yet to wait for some one who brings out a cheaper model compatible to the people in lower income group.

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