Sunday, 19 January 2014

Some respite against soaring prices:

Visibly there is some respite in regard to prices of eatables and vegetables in the market. Though too frugal and in a limited measure it does give some relief to the otherwise hard pressed consumers. No body knows whether it has to last for some time at least or is just a part of the casual nature of the markets in the absence of any tangible economy moves on the part of the Indian government. It is actually never lasting when some slashing down in prices takes place in the market in the absence of concrete measures for the purpose on the part of the government both at the level of Centre or those in different States. Such measures are no where visible which factor is denotative of the fact that the current respite is only of casual nature and is not to last long. May be such casual repeats are there again from time to time as this is the year of general elections in the country but chances are that nothing tangible is going to emerge and what is being seen now is momentary and nothing more than a dodge.

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