Thursday, 16 January 2014

Nirbheek (fearless) to help the women:

Field Gun Factory of Kanpur (U.P.,India) has since developed a light weight revolver which can more compatibly be used by the women to defend themselves whenever their security is involved. The revolver is given the name as ‘Nirbheek’  which means fearless. This part is alright and the efforts made by the Field Gun Factory are laudable as they have been able to provide a handy tool as a small revolver to be used by the ladies whenever their security is in danger. This is supposed to be more useful when some rowdy element or the one who is the perpetrator of an act like rape tries to make some woman a victim of his sordid desires. But the main question is whether the ladies can really make use of the tiny pistol in the absence of any training to them for the purpose. Field Gun Factory have done their job and now it is for the security channels of administration to ensure that they make the requisite arrangements for imparting necessary training to the women for suitably handling the weapon failing which the very tool of security may not prove to be result oriented.

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