Wednesday, 26 December 2012

A noble mission getting adulterated!

The anti New Delhi gangrape campaign started on quite a powerful note with public emerging in big crowds to protest against the ghastly act so perpetrated only some days back in the capital of India appears now to have been diverted to different proportions, as was feared. The very missionary zeal with which it got a take off as a result of collective conscience of the people stands polluted with mischief elements playing their game from the back ground, the possibility that some professional politicians are behind this fishing in troubled waters can’t be ruled out. As I already wrote in my earlier post on the other blog necessary link of which is given below, the very start of the protest was in a very positive order without any prejudice, political or otherwise, successfully moving forward unhindered. Looks like anti social elements are now playing a mischievous role in a disguised manner. This is awe fully unfortunate for a movement which was basically a need of the occasion. The very outsider elements, let us wish, keep themselves off the scene enabling the independent protesters to take the movement to the desired heights.


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