Saturday, 22 December 2012

Yoga Vs. ancient Hindu beliefs:

Yoga is an ancient science and apparently has no direct relationship with any religion, leave alone Hinduism. Recently in a Clifornia (USA) school a row was triggered with the contention raised by some parents of the students that it was some Hindu faith which was being propagated in the name of yoga classes. What could it be?. Yoga is a scientifically based exercise aimed at certain kriyas and asanas. In Dhyanyog, however, the people are taught to concentrate on the Gods of their faith and belief based on the religion which they belong to, not necessarily Hinduism. It definitely varies from religion to religion. Not the Gods alone, the yoga teachers suggest that it could be any object or an individual which interests the concerned persons most. This emphasis is laid on the consideration that a thing, an object or a person who interests the yoga practitioner much more than any thing else is always capable of generating necessary meditational dimensions with a better concentration. Other practices which are taught in yoga are mostly physical exercises from the view point of physical and mental health. Envisaging or attributing any teaching on some religion or the other is just out of question. May be there are some people who are too smart to define yoga as some thing of the nature of some religious pursuit, but it just looks utopian as this too has nothing to do with yoga in any manner. Yoga, in itself, is divine and serene, and it is much above any religious prejudices.


myso said...

well said on yoga.

garv said...

Yoga need not be compared with any religion

dns1 said...

Yoga ,the mental and physical exercise of course a great gist to world by HINDU culture.