Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Agitation by unions for and against reservation:

This looks strange but is true that the two sets of Uttar Pradesh Government employees launched a massive agitational programme with one of them doing it to oppose the reservation bill under discussion in Parliament, and the other one doing it in support of the move. It happens often that different unions in an organisation don’t have unanimity on certain industrial issues and accordingly their  modes of agitation are different, but a situation like unions fighting against each other on the same issue with divergent views is just so peculiar. One group even worked four hours extra expressing their support to pro reservation in promotions bill. It was a different matter that their strength was only negligible. The group opposing the reservation was virtually able to paralyse the work in different offices of the U.P. Government. Even senior officers of the SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate) rank joined the move. Situation, as reported by the media, appears to be the same in other states of the country also offering stiff resistance against the additionally proposed reservation in promotions too besides the one that already is in existence on job reservation.
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