Saturday, 8 December 2012

On obesity:

Obesity is much worse than a curse if not taken care of timely. The root cause behind several ailments is only obesity. To inculcate necessary awareness on obesity, there are obesity days observed in different places. In fact it is not enough to observe any particular day as such as the need is more on the part of the individuals concerned themselves to include it in their discipline of routines. It is diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems or several other ailments affecting most adversely the whole body system, behind every thing in most of the cases it is obesity which works as a deterrent negatively damaging different physical organs. If obesity is duly checked, it is easy and feasible to control other organs in the body in tact. Some normal level exercises play much of a role in keeping obesity under control. Walking and Yoga are the most convenient modes of physical exercise, and resorting to them is not a difficult  task. Remedy lies more in the hands of the persons concerned than medicinal treatment given by the doctors. With necessary will, any individual can adopt the regimen of moderate exercise and this duly takes care of the obesity.

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