Thursday, 23 August 2012

When compulsions drag a person to commit suicide!

Life is precious. Only lucky souls, say the people, get birth as a human being. It could be any factor that controls the cycle of getting born, living for a particular span and then dying. The truth remains that there is no body on earth who opts for death as against life, but this is equally trued that there are the persons who do opt for death. A friend of mine, who is suffering from various ailments and is awe-fully confronted with multiple economic problems both in his business and at the house hold level, shocked me when he said the other day that he is feeling like committing suicide. I was taken aback to hear this and felt too perturbed too. He is physically a wreck, mentally sick alarmingly, and miserably passing through the worst possible economic conditions disabling him to meet the routine needs of himself and his family. Otherwise known to be a courageous person full of anxiety to lead a pleasant life, he trembles when he talks, and charged with an emotional upsurge, he finds it too difficult to express himself. I consoled him telling that life is to live a full term of it, and it just can’t be eliminated whatever be the circumstances and the situations. I also told him that there are people who are placed in much worse a situation than himself, and he must have the patience, courage and conviction to live without surrendering to the compulsions. My counselling did work to some extent but utter disgust and frustration was still writ large on his face, and there lies my worry as I have seen cases where desire for death exceedingly surpassed the anxiety for life.

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