Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Just a hell with such type of ministers in the Government!

A senior minister of cabinet rank in the Central Government, Beni Prasad Verma, recently hailed the soaring prices expressing his great satisfaction on the situation. When there was a volley of questions raised by media and others, he fell in line with similar type of erring ministers repeating the oft quoted answer that his statement was unnecessarily twisted, as he simply wanted to say that because of soaring prices in different commodities the farmers are getting sumptuously benefitted. It is a different matter that farmers themselves do not agree with his version of the situation, as they too have to pay much higher an amount to purchase their background material because of the soaring prices. The minister concerned is just either living in fools paradise or he is suffering from mental derailment. In to-day’s atmosphere, when the whole country is crying against the soaring prices, he could be a solitary figure to come out with such a nonsensical version of the situation. The irony of fate is that such type of people are able to get a berth in the central cabinet of ministers, obviously an accommodation procured on political basis.

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