Saturday, 11 August 2012

How do they manage this much?

I often come across certain blog post writers, who publish their write-ups in several dozens at a time. Such bloggers include the one whom I follow. He publishes nearly 50 posts, if not more, in one go. Since I believe in sincerely following blog posts by going through their contents in a proper order giving necessary comments wherever required, I find it extremely difficult to do the job. I am unable to comprehend as to how one can manage writing posts in such a big volume, unless of course he is copying the text from somewhere else. Copying too in such a magnitude is not an easy task, as this again requires lot of time to manage it. I think, within myself, that I am a fast writer but skill wise I just can’t afford going beyond 3 to 4 articles at a time maintaining the normal size of the post. I know, if I start writing two liners, the task can be easier, but I am not the one to compromise the perfectness of a post. If I do so, I feel guilty within myself feeling like I am deceiving my conscience. As a blogger, one has to justify his writings within necessary frame work of a normal and decent post.
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