Monday, 13 August 2012

Thank you, Mr. Anonymous

I am extending to you my sincere thanks for the errors you pointed out in my blog post ‘How do they manage this much?’ I have replied to you but I don’t know whether it actually reaches you as yours is always a ‘no-reply’ message. As an alternative, I am using this post of mine for the purpose. I quite realise that you are a regular reader, though anonymously, of my posts on this blog of mine, and obviously your reactions do count for me. You have not specified the error, or say errors, which could have enabled me to correct the spots where I was wrong. I confess having found one typographical error on a re-perusal of my post in question; it was the word ‘decent’ erroneously typed as ‘descent’. I have since corrected it. I shall be thankful to you if you please point out to me the other  mistakes as you are taking them. I shall not mind it at all, I shall rather welcome it.

I am making the error on my part as public by publishing it as a post on my blog so that my other valued readers could also re-act freely and unhesitatingly in respect of my writings.

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