Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Element of faith–an essential ingredient for peace:

A cry for peace is common for all every where. Who wants to live with an uneasy mind? No body. And with an uneasy mind, none can pursue his/ her goal with any success. The experts suggest many a ways to procure success like hard work, consistency, necessary zeal and fervour for the purpose, and larger amount of hours devoted to the task. Nothing is possible if one’s mind is not in a proper mode of an ease that inculcates the process of work with a purpose. Peace, after all, is nothing like a commodity to be purchased from some market; the orientation of which lies in within an individual himself/ herself, and it is cent per cent self made. There again, one should have the required amount of a compatible environment. For such an environment, what is required most is ‘faith’. Faith in any thing, a god or goddess, a man, a woman, an animal, sex or even some dead stock or yet even a monster. Such an element of faith has to be unconditional and without any ifs or buts. Once one is able to cultivate it within himself/ herself, this is the end of agonising worries and it is capable of generating peace into the minds of the people concerned; and that becomes the starting point of peace. Once such a peace is attained, there is nothing like any thing impossible in the world.

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