Monday, 27 August 2012

What does punctuality mean?

Why should a person be punctual to his/ her timings and schedules is the question. Punctuality is a discipline in itself and every one is supposed to adhere to his routine schedules in a meticulous order. Those who are not punctual are not serious about their work, be it to attend a meeting or some other assignment. Charles Lamb used to say that punctuality is meant for the persons who don’t bother about their comforts. The office, where he was working, had timings from 10am to 5pm. Once he was asked by his boss that how come you always come late to attend to your duties and are never punctual. Charles Lamb  replied assertively telling that no doubt he was a late comer to office but this he was doing regularly in a punctual manner adding that he was very punctual in leaving office exactly at 5pm. This was of course a twisted version of punctuality. Punctuality is a discipline, and equally an ethics, which every one has to follow for a methodical way of life particularly in the case of the people who care for their career.
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