Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Which readership counts more?

Blogging is not only a pastime exercise, more than that it has other reasons also –the reasons like one should be heard and read by a bigger number of people, the readership should not be confined to a country or two alone, this should rather be spread over globally to cover maximum number of locations of traffic within the country and equally abroad. The other consideration that is more prompting is monetising the blog to have some access to monetary advantages, but here again the very question mark is that of the traffic. Some important ad providers prescribe a certain minimum for the purpose stipulating an additional condition that at least 50% of the traffic should be exclusively from America. Doesn’t it mean that bloggers from India are unnecessarily harnessing themselves to the task of blogging with no scope for any pecuniary benefit. This also denotes that the prejudices and discriminations, which are otherwise rampant every where in the world, are no exception in the case of bloggers too. There are countries, mainly including America and Great Britain, who still continue to wear a disdain sort of look against the people with the Indian tag. This is an attitude that warrants a suitable detraction in the matter peremptorily, as it is terribly against the discipline of equality.
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