Thursday, 9 August 2012

Much ado about nothing:

L.K. Advani, the senior most leader in Bhartiya Janta Party, just passed a remark in good faith that, in 2014 general elections, none from Congress or BJP has any likelihood of becoming the Prime Minister of India. There was a big furore on the remark every where as if there was some bomb blast, and the people, even some of them belonging to BJP itself, sharply reacted to his utterance as such. Sonia Gandhi even lost her temper ridiculing Advani’s remark. Some said that such an utterance abundantly indicated that BJP is feeling demoralised and it is accepting its defeat much in advance. Those running their different political parties found a ready tool in it to criticise and condemn each other.

If there is any thing like freedom of speech in India, an individual remark is not to be excessively hyperbolised the way it is being done in the instant case. This should rather be taken as a simple measure of expression instead of dragging the matter too far indulging into unnecessary mud slinging.

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