Saturday, 1 September 2012

How to get rid of ads?

You go through some news paper, some magazine or view the TV, the whole of it is full of ads. Even when you are surfing your own laptop, you are, in a way, forced to have a glance over things in which you are not interested at all. Search engines too are no exception in this regard; you ask for some thing by way of search, you have to come across some advertisement or the other before you reach your requisitioned point. While watching TV, the most embarrassing stage which you get confronted with is a break at a point when the relative story passes through most suspense full a climax laden with extreme anxiety. This is worse when necessary broadcast of an announcement is in the pipeline and there is abruptly a break. This is in fact a trick of those running the show by which they exploit the viewers the most cashing on their anxiety for the story in the offing, as the viewers can’t leave the TV unless the residual comes out. Remedy only lies in calling it a day to the media and sit at ease, which in to-day’s atmosphere of bumper technological advancement on all counts, is just not affordable. One has to be conversant on what is the latest on different counts in the world, and to cope with that every one has to tolerate ads as an essential evil.

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